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I work as an artist whenever possible, and a builder.

Below is my artwork.

To see my building related work please click here: BUILDING WORK








ART Trouvé





Contact details:  Email:      or  Telephone: : +44(0)7967901198 




                                                         Studied at:

                    Manchester College of Art: Pre Diploma in Art & Design

                             Birmingham College of Art & Design: Dip.Ad

                      Chelsea School of Art: Post Graduate/Higher Dip.Ad


                                                                                                   Exhibited at:

                                                                                                     Conduit Gallery, London (sculpture)

                                                                                                     Whitworth Gallery, Manchester (painting)

                                                                                                     Birmingham Museum/Art Gallery (painting)

                                                                                                   Museum of Modern Art, Oxford (painting)

                                                                                                   Sculpture House, Kingston upon Thames (painting)









Here's a very brief introduction to my work, paintings and photography, past and present.















The above paintings are from various decades and are of very varied dimensions.

I hope at some stage to give dimensions, where they appear on their appropriate pages.





Photography is an amazing way of recording something in an instant.

Below are just a few of those instances I have recorded over the years.
















 I have always been fascinated by nature, and interested in light, water and textures. When it comes to visiting my photography page, you will notice that natural phenomena feature quite a lot, and perhaps this is also reflected in some of my paintings.






I try to change or update the site whenever possible.

(I need to produce more work!)


Please browse. Thank you for the visit.





My contact details are above, and if you wish to make comments, please do so via the Guest Book link.


In the space below will be posted news of forecoming shows or exhibitions.