A   R   C   H   I   V   E     W   O   R   K

 Displayed here is a record of work done in the late 60's and early 70's whilst working towards achieving a Post Graduate/Degree.

Apart from a few items shown here, these being in private collection, the remainder no longer exist. Whilst being temporarily stored at a time when I was waiting to procure another studio, they were disposed of by builders, together with various portfolios, all of which amounted to 7 years work. I didn't make a record of the more recent work at this time. Only a few items have names. I have given rough dimensions of the works, (in millimetres, height preceding width), and made comments where I feel appropriate. 

There are no examples here of work I did during my Pre-Diploma Course at Manchester. I do, somewhere,  have black and white negatives of some of the two-dimensional work, and the piece of sculpture shown at the Conduit Gallery, London. Some of this may appear on this page sometime.



                                                        'By the sea, bored'                                            'Easely bored'                                         'Bored Room Painting'

                                                                                    All the above are oil on canvas and unfinished. (Didn't really get bored).



                                                         'When I still had my marbles'  Oil on board.                   'When I'd lost my marbles'. Oil on canvas. In private collection.



                                                              'Cocktails?'                                                   'Hardly Started and Unfinished'




                                                                        'Untitled'. Oil on canvas.                                                                    'Barred'. Oil on canvas. 



                                                                                           'Inside Outside'. Relief: Wood, Brushed Aluminium, Paint.


All of the above were created whilst in the first year of the Diploma course at Birmingham College of Art. I think it was general practice on such a course to carry on the tradition of practicing life drawing/painting, still life drawing/painting etc. in order to exercise one's observational skills and techniques, and show draughtsmanship.

Despite having the odd set project, as during the Pre-Diploma Course, after a while, one was left to one's own devices to create.

The above works show my eventual transition from figurative painting to abstract, despite having painted in abstract mode many years earlier.

The following works are products of my continuation at Birmingham College of Art.













The above paintings reflect a bit of the struggle I was having at the time.(Creating, at most times is a struggle). This was a phase of playing with geometry, illusion, space and contrasting paint textures and surfaces. The quality of some of the photographs leave a lot to be desired. I did not own an SLR camera at the time.

Some were working ideas, though three finished works were chosen to be exhibited publicly in galleries.


Another period followed:






 It was common practice to make one's own canvases. This wasn't just for economic reasons, but a canvas of any size and shape could be made. Though measurements of the paintings shown here have not yet been given, most paintings were in excess of  1200mm wide. For a short period around this time, there was a shortage of cotton-duck (canvas), or it couldn't be obtained from the usual suppliers. It was discovered that a local paper mill was selling off large rolls of paper. It followed that paper became my alternative to canvas, and during this period I embarked on a series of collages. The above four items are examples of work from this period, though the last one incorporates more painting. 




                                                             I have always been interested in the properties and versatility of materials, in particular, paint.


                                     The following paintings are those of my final years at Art College. Some of these are finished paintings on canvas, using various acrylics,

                                                                                  some are 'sketches' and some 'failed' paintings. (Can you spot them?)

                                                   Others are finished works on card, and two incorporate the use of 'papier-mache', though using a canvas base.