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A series of Barcodes @ random

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At Work in my Studio 2009



On resuming painting after a very long break, it felt almost like starting all over again. Despite having many ideas in my head for many years, it was not only challenging but frightening. I did anything to begin with, just to get back into mode. I then decided to produce a series of identically sized paintings, (though I am not sure if I regard them as paintings), based on the barcode symbol. This was far different from what I had done in the past, and for me the series was just an exercise to get back into the habit of using paint applied by brush, and paint of a different consistency. In much of my previous work, few painting tools were employed. (Go to Painting Close-ups link) There are 13 paintings in the series, and ideally should be shown as a group, in such a way that their positions can be changed, in a line or a block, or turned upside if wished, a bit like a puzzle. The odd number of paintings provides options. More than anything, I regard these as 'mood' pieces, but they were basically dealing with rhythm, harmony, contrast, depth, texture and subtlety. Some of the paintings  have names.



(The reproductions shown do not offer a good representation, partly because all paintings were painted on board, and never made rigid, hence the bow in some of the lines. Also the density and contrast isn't shown well. I hope to rectify this at some stage and show all works, if I think it is worth it.)






















 The above, (being almost the full set. Where's No. 13?)  were taken under a floodlight which has affected the colour etc, despite using the help of software. Below are photographs taken earlier under natural light, and these show a more realistic representation of the hue.                              





















Following this series of paintings, I continued to use just black and white paint to produce paintings on other themes, but also at the same time produced three barcode-based paintings in colour, which I also regard as mood paintings, vaguely inspired by music.




One colour barcode painting. Better quality reproduction to follow, together with two other paintings.


















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