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                                  PAUL WOOD  -  GENERAL RENOVATION WORK


Decoration, Carpentry, Plastering, Plumbing, Kitchen and Bathroom Fitting, Tiling and Floor Laying,

                                                 Fireplace Fitting and Cabinet Making.



My first introduction to home improvements was in my early teens, the late 50's, helping my father to earn extra money carrying out, mainly redecoration work, for local residents. This was in the days when ceilings and walls were made good with alabaster filler, ceilings and friezes would be distempered and wallpaper paste was often a mix of flour and water. Wallpaper had to be hand-trimmed, and when the walls had been papered, it was the fashion to have a narrow paper border applied, 12 inches or so from the perimeter of the wall with geometric patterns at the corners. Predominent colours at this time seemed to be Cream, Brown, British Racing Green? and Eau de Nil. Most wallpapers were of floral patterns, but nothing like William Morris's. Every few years at home, my father used to repaint the dado, (Lincrusta), in our old-fashioned kitchen, and repaint all the doors, using a cream basecoat, followed by brown varnish, which was finished with a grain effect, using a comb, (Not one used for the hair!) Being very much a handyman, my father then later started making cupboards, made from hardboard on timber frames. Everyone went mad with hardboard! Not suitable for all situations, as I experienced as a youth.

A few years later, whilst at Art School, doing the odd decorating job helped supplement the grant. Yes we were lucky then to receive a grant, but often it wasn't sufficient to pay for artists materials etc.

Always being interested in working with different materials, after leaving Art School and having to earn a living by other means than teaching or painting, I was keen, and fortunate to have opportunities to learn from other tradesmen, and subsequently became skilled in most trades. 

Years ago, for a while, the building work took over from the art work. Eventually I became self employed, and for a period had a partnership, carrying  out quite large scale projects, extensions and loft conversions. After the partnership dissolved, I worked for various architects and designers, mainly in the west end of London, concentrating on high quality redecoration work. 

Nowadays I restrict myself to small scale projects, such as kitchen and bathroom fitting, cabinet making, and general decoration, but carry out all the other associated trades, except gas work and major electrical work.

For gas related work, I use the services of John Creasey, 07956 288 018, and

for electrical work, the services of Alex Grigg, 07525 917 180, both reliable and thorough tradesmen.

Below is a photographic record of a sample of  my projects. For ease of viewing, projects are not shown in chronological order, yet in many cases, the stages of the projects are shown.  



A collection of cabinets, incorporating redecoration, installed in Battersea, Putney, Fulham and Kingston-upon-Thames in the 1990's.


Installation of wardrobe and redecoration of bedroom, Battersea: Bookshelf incorporating radiator cover, Fulham: and a 16 foot long cupboard and shelf unit, Kingston-upon-Thames.




                                                 Installation of cabinets and redecoration of Living Room, Tideswell Road, Putney


                     A one-off. I was comissioned to convert a decorative tea-tray into a table.



                                                                                                                           Battersea 1980's



A recent kitchen refit: Old Malden, Surrey.



Demolition stage: Removal of units, hacking off tiles bonded with cement, and breaking out steel reinforced concrete larder shelves.



The start of making good.                             More making good.......                                                   Then the finished product....



                                                                                                             The other end.



Repair to a living room ceiling caused by a leak from the bathroom: Surbiton, Surrey.





                                                         An 'Artexed' ceiling, thus the whole ceiling had to be skimmed.



Kitchen and bathroom renovation: New Malden, Surrey.

The kitchen: A serious leak from the above bathroom had caused various problems making a kitchen refit necessary.





A very small kitchen, but increased storage space and facilities.


The bathroom: From where the damage was caused: previous bad workmanship and maintenance.



                                              A very brief record of the stages of refurbishment.



Ground floor 'knock-through' and Bathroom renovation: Collier's Wood, S.W. London. 

The whole ground floor of this property was finished with laminate flooring, a large percentage of which had to be taken up and relaid. Being a load-bearing wall, concrete foundations had to be laid, brick piers built, tied into hallway and party walls, and lintel built in.





     For some unknown reason, I don't have a record of the finished product, as with the project below, (same property). 


A cupboard had to be built to house the new boiler. I would have preferred an adjacent vanitory unit instead of a pedestal basin. Ceiling and walls were replastered, the room redecorated, and hardboard and new floor-covering laid.





Kitchen, bathroom and shower-room refurbishment: Sutton, Surrey

On various projects over the years, clients has trusted me with the design, choice of tiles and general colour scheme. I must admit that I have used a similar theme on three recent projects. I believe it has been very economic for the client, yet very pleasing. Here is another example of using cream gloss units, dark grey and buff wall tiles, and slate grey floor tiles for the kitchen, with a black worktop ; white wall tiles with buff and grey mosaic borders, and slate grey floor tiles for the bathroom. Wall and ceiling colours vary in each situation, from a suitable buff colour to a warm pale grey.


From a 1970's look to a more present day look.








I wonder why coloured bathroom suites went out of fashion?








Shower room.

A similar colour scheme: Buff colour floor tiles, warm grey walls and ceiling, grey countertop, though the photos are confusing. Must adjust colour.





A fireplace fitting: Raynes Park, London SW19.     



Final decoration work carried out by customer. Fire subsequently fitted by gas engineer: contact details given above.


Installation of en-suite shower room, and bathroom renovation: Bow, London EC3.

En-suite shower.



                     The siting of shower and toilet necessitated a mascerator, which was boxed in, as was the cistern, with removable panels.

                                              Almost all trades required to carry out the installation, within a relatively small working area.





Tiles being hung badly, previously, dictated a total re-tile, redecoration, upgrade of WC, new bath screen and panel, shower rail and flooring. 




Alcove cabinet installation: Mortlake, London SW14.


                              Installation carried out in 2005. Photographs taken in 2011, on returning to carry out further work on the property.