PAINTING CLOSE-UPS:          A zoom into some paintings.                  


         PAINTINGS CIRCA: 1968-1970

          Below are shown close-up details of four paintings which were some of those executed in my year at Chelsea School of Art.

          The paintings were produced from various kinds of 'poly-vinyls' and 'acrylates' with admixtures and pigment and applied to canvas.        

          The actual sizes of the paintings varied from approximately 2100mm x 1500mm to 1500mm x 1000mm and the detail sections, approximately

          650mm x 350mm.

          I imagine that some people will be astonished to learn that on the basis of these paintings, I was awarded a Post Graduate in Art and Design. 

          A visitor to my final show bought one piece, (this also was shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford), and another was kept by the School's

          administrators, to be stored in the School's archives.

          My main inspiration for these works was nature.






































           You will notice that my style or choice of painting technique has changed considerably. Instead of the paint being laid very thickly, it is now

               much like watercolours, semi-transparent, though the paint is still acrylic-based.

               I continue to work in this mode.







        The colour reproduction of the above, is not the best and is to be improved upon.


















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